World-class Dairy Manufacturing

From the world's finest dairy producers

New Zealand is known right around the world for its rich heritage of producing premium quality dairy products of the very highest calibre. New Zealand's clean and green, nutriant-rich environment provides the perfect conditions for cows to thrive, and that means a level of quality that is simply unrivalled.

Aspac production facility
Premium Dairy Ingredients

World-class manufacturing processes are employed to ensure that the quality and integrity of the raw ingredients are respected throughout the production process. All Aspac Milk is Halal Certified - manufactured to meet strict Islamic Processed Food Management guidelines.

Food Safety Authority approved

Aspac Processing is a registered Dairy exporter with the New Zealand Ministry for primary industries and Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) and operates under a NZFSA Risk Management Programme. You can rest assured that every aspect of the manufacturing process is delivered to exacting standards, ensuring all regulatory requirements are met at all times.

Packaging standards and regulatory adherence
Aspac Processing is totally committed to ensuring all product packaging strictly adheres to all local and international regulatory requirements and we adhere to the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) Guidelines for creating new artwork and instructions - which are based on both FSANZ Standards (2.9.1 and 2.9.3) and Chinese Standards (GB10765, GB10767 and GB7718).

Specialists in the export of New Zealand dairy products

Aspac Processing supplies international markets with premium quality New Zealand and globally manufactured dairy products and we are happy to discuss your needs and specific market requirements. With a growing number of distribution partners around the world, the primary focus is the manufacture and export of dairy products into SE Asia and China. Please contact us to discuss becoming a Aspac Processing distribution partner.